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    Hunan Banfert New-materials Technology CO., LTD

    Hunan Banfert New-materials Technology CO., LTD is an international chemical materials supplier, such as Ultraviolet Curable Coatings , quicksetting inks, Waterborne industrial paints,Industrial anti-corrosion coatings,special resins,Our company was established in 2007, Our factory is located in the north of hunan province. With 7 years experience, products root in Banfert are popular throughout the world especially in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and Middle East, We have won numerous customer’s trust with our quality product, competitive price and prompt

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    People often say: you reap what you sow, you reap what you sow! Hard work is the harvest, the good pay is the path to success! For many years, the state, always keep the entrepreneur...
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